welcome to bonkers

Nekrogoblikon: “Welcome To Bonkers” Album Review

Yay, a new Nekrogoblikon album! Nekrogoblikon popped onto my radar a few years ago, and I can remember enjoying them and getting a kick out of their shtick. An adept metal band with songwriting chops and a goblin for a frontman? Imagine if GWAR had done the soundtrack to the Lord of the Rings films. Welcome to Bonkers is most

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Nekrogoblikon Release Brendon Small-Directed Music Video For “Dressed As Goblins”

Adding Brendon Small (Dethklok, Galaktikon) to a project is never a bad idea, and Nekrogoblikon get it. The band enlisted Small to write and direct the new “Dressed As Goblins” music video from their forthcoming Welcome to Bonkers which will drop on April 13 via Seek and Strike Records. Guitarist Alex Alereza wirtes: Brendon came up with a dark and emotional, yet absurdly hilarious

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