Tengger Cavalry

Tengger Cavalry Live at Carnegie Hall By Tigran

Exclusive: Live Photos Of Tengger Cavalry From Carnegie Hall In New York City, NY

Tengger Cavalry took the stage for the second time at Carnegie Hall in New York City, New York, on Thursday, September 20. We were fortunate to have new contributor Trigran Kapinos on hand to capture the night of Mongolian folk music. The brainchild of Naturre G., Tengger Cavalry adds an intriguing twist to metal, including Mongolian folk instruments and throat

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Tengger Cavalry Live Photos From Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY

Music Video: Tengger Cavalry, “Chasing My Horse”

Tengger Cavalry are anomalies in the metal world, and if you are a regular reader of our site, you surely know why. Bridging the gap between Mongolian folk music and heavy metal, they deliver a sonic amalgam unlike any other band out there. The infusion of the past and present results in a forward-thinking sound, and Tengger Cavalary‘s 2018 release

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Tengger Cavalry: “Die On My Ride” Album Review

Heavy. Skullsnbones.com is a heavy metal website, but how do you actually define “heavy”? Is it simply the volume that something is played at or listened to? Is it the content of the lyrics’ subject matter? Is it in how bombastic and over-the-top the band’s performance is onstage? Or, does “heavy” come in the silence, in the notes not played,

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