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Them - Manor of the Se7en Gables - Cover

Them: “Manor Of The Se7en Gables” Album Review

Them is one of the most unusual and unique acts in metal today, mixing Halloween themes with thrash metal. Their debut, Sweat Hollow (2016), was underwhelming and failed at translating their inspirations into their sound. Things are changing this year with the release of Manor Of The Se7en Gables where everything sounds much more ambitious. Manor Of The Se7en Gables kicks

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UFO: “A Conspiracy of Stars” Album Review by Jason Zins!

UFO are rock icons and legends, plain and simple. Their prowess and influence from their first 10 years of making music is unmistakable. Their albums Phenomenon, Lights Out, No Heavy Petting, and the incredible live release Strangers in the Night influenced countless bands and set the bar very high. For some reason, UFO never garnered the attention they deserved given that they were

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