Spreading the Disease

Spreading The Disease: Cabin Fever Is Here

Cabin fever is officially here. And I am fucking tired of being alone. Tired of being tired of being alone. FML. With much of the world on lockdown due to coronavirus, the walls of my lonely apartment feel like they are closing in on me. It doesn’t help that the TV and radio are blaring ominous reports that may (or

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Spreading the Disease 2

Spreading The Disease: The World Changed With COVID-19

Over the last 10 days, the world changed. What we knew as being humans – communicating, shaking hands, hugging – has become taboo. Venues are empty, festivals are cancelled, restaurants and bars are closed, and my fellow Earthlings are bracing for the imminent economic impacts of a global shutdown. And all due to a flu-like virus with a name that

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Spreading the Disease - Mindcell - Cover

Spreading the Disease: “Mindcell” EP Review

Que pasa, all you headbanging heavy metal heathens! Welcome to another entry in the SkullsnBones/Steel Panther search for the coolest of the cruel, the badassest of the bitches, the fucking furious of the fantastic … Spreading the Disease! Disclaimer: I have been championing and following and reviewing this band for over three years. So, yeah, King Rhino is a fucking

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Spreading The Disease: “Insurrection” Album Review

Well, you can add Spreading the Disease and their new album, Insurrection, to King Rhino’s “Best Albums of 2017.” Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll be naming them as my pick for “Best New Artist of the Year.” Without a doubt, Insurrection is one of the best metal albums of the year from this young band out of Kent, England, who,

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  Happy Labor Day to all! Hope you’re having a great Monday and it’s time once again for From The Vault. Today we take a trip back to 1985, to the second album, the first to feature singer Joey Belladonna, by Anthrax, Spreading The Disease and the track, Madhouse.

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In today’s From The Vault, I wanted to add a Top 10 list of the albums I would consider my Top 10 albums of the 80’s. This wasn’t easy because there are so many albums that I wanted to include and when I asked many of my friends what their Top 10 would be, I heard so many different answers. After thinking about

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