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Windhand - Eternal Return - Promo

Stream: Windhand’s “Diablerie” From Forthcoming Album

Grief’s Eternal Flower, the 2015 release from Windhand , is a mammoth album, full of heaving psychedelia elevated by Dorthia Cottrell‘s ominous vocals. Three years since its release, and it is still an intoxicating spin on the turntable. The Virginians are now preparing to release Eternal Return, and all signs on our Ouija board are pointing toward “Yes.” But don’t simply take our

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Pig Destroyer - Head Cage - Cover

Album Review: Pig Destroyer, ” Head Cage”

If age is wisdom, than Pig Destroyer are the owls of the grindcore kingdom. These Virginians have been blasting their way through violent noise for more than two decades, and while they’ve written and produced stand-out albums over their tenure (2001’s Prowler in the Yard is a prime example), their output over the last decade is unrivaled in calculated beat-downs.

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Skinless: “Savagery” Album Review

Brutal death metal can be a balm to cure any bad day. Pop the CD in or turn on Spotify, find a quiet highway, and just drive that sour day away. Skinless was the saving grace one foul day as I indulged in their latest release, Savagery. The genre is not known for polite aesthetics, but it provides rather primitive

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Gruesome: “Twisted Prayers” Album Review

Death metal is an art form taken to extremes. It was never meant to be mainstream or radio-friendly.  Chuck Schuldiner, the mastermind behind Death, knew this, and he wrote songs with no regard for the mainstream.  He was a genius who left a legacy of impressive, important, albums for the world after his untimely death from cancer in 2001. Exhumed‘s

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Dying Fetus Live Photos From The Ground In Miami, FL

For death metal fans, the most prominent tour of the spring has been blanketing the United States featuring Dying Fetus, Thy Art is Murder, Rivers of Nihil, and Enterprise Earth. Photographer Juan Hernandez was on the ground at The Ground in Miami, Florida, to capture the action when the tour rolled into town on April 7. Following are photos of Dying

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Gruesome Find Some “Spiritual Healing” With Lyric Video For “A Waste Of Life”

Matt Harvey and his fellow Death-worshipers in Gruesome return this June with their sophomore release, entitled Twisted Prayers. It only takes one look at the cover to see where they are coming from on this album. While Savage Land was fueled by Death‘s 1988 release, Leprosy, Twisted Prayers is an homage to 1990’s Spiritual Healing. The album features cover art by the

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Primitive Man Continue To Disturb With “Honey Hole” Music Video

Primitive Man have cornered the metal market when it comes to truly disturbing videos. First came the homeless depravity of “Loathe,” then there was  the naked bludgeoning found on “Victim,” and now they have released an equally atrocious video for the track “Honey Hole.” “Sugar Hole” is culled from Primitive Man‘s most recent release, entitled Caustic, which is out now

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Mammoth Grinder: “Cosmic Crypt” Album Review

Oh, Mammoth Grinder, you brutally sexy metal motherfuckers, you! Cosmic Crypt, their first album in five years, is hard rock porno that will bend you over and do butt stuff to you … and you will like it! Four albums into their career, these guys know how to kick ass and take names. Cosmic Crypt is one of those records

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Sea Legs: Matt Harvey of Exhumed Is Ready To Party On 70,000 Tons Of Metal

One week from today, 3,000 fans and 60 bands will set sail from Fort Lauderdale for the epic 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise to Grand Turk Island. Exhumed will be one of those bands who will be playing both classics and tracks from their 2017 Relapse Records release Death Revenge.  In preparation for the cruise, we had a chance to catch up with Exhumed

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Exhumed - Death Revenge Cover

Exhumed: “Death Revenge” Album Review

Matt Harvey has a penchant for death metal. His songwriting and guitar playing have been at the forefront of the gore movement for the better part of 25 years with Exhumed. Although he has been occupied of late with side projects Gruesome and Expulsion, Death Revenge shows that Exhumed haven’t been far from his thoughts. The album is a bit

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