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Sam Roon's Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2017

Sam Roon’s Top 10 Metal Albums of 2017

This year was special.  There were many great records to hit our ears from some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever heard and from legacy bands that have created some of their best music ever.   The reason I feel 2017 has been so special is our genre’s contributions to innovation.  From successful crossovers, to new sounds, this was a

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Cavalera Conspiracy - Psychosis - Cover

Cavalera Conspiracy: “Psychosis” Album Review

You couldn’t visit a metal website within the last year without reading about Cavalera Conspiracy performing Sepultura‘s Roots in its entirety on tour. Everyone knows that Max and Igor Cavalera left Sepultura behind in a very acrimonious split, so to hear them revisit that classic record was an interesting and pretty bad-ass endeavor. However, with the release of their new

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Cavalera Conspiracy Will Release ‘Psychosis’ This October

It feels like only yesterday we were raising drinks in the air to celebrate Max & Igor Cavalera reuniting with Cavalera Conspiracy and bringing their epic combined sound to the world once again.  Now we learn the bands fourth studio album will be here this coming October!  This band’s legacy is being built as something more than a special moment in

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