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Venom Prison - Samsara - Cover

Venom Prison: “Samsara” Album Review

The world is changing, and music is a reflection of that change. As we spiral down a dark endless pit, metal is usually at the forefront of that change, not afraid to take a look in that darkness and beat the hell out of it. One of premier bands taking a swing at the musical senses is Venom Prison. Over

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Psycroptic - As the Kingdom Drowns - Cover

Psycroptic: “As The Kingdom Drowns” Album Review

Psycroptic will melt your face off with their seventh release, As the Kingdom Drowns. Australia is known for kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee (if you’re old enough to remember), so technical musicianship is not something you expect. Be glad for what Psycroptic have to offer. Fast-paced fretwork, punishing drums, low and precise bass lines, and hoarse-throat inducing vocals are presented to my

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Skeletonwitch: “Devouring Radiant Light” Album Review

First off, I’ll admit that I am a huge fan of the Skeletonwitch with Chance Garnette fronting the band. He was a formidable frontman with epic vocal abilities that fit perfectly with their blackened thrash. Upon his exit, I was understandably concerned, and I thought that one of my favorite bands was going to have to throw in the towel.

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Skeletonwitch Stream Epic “When Paradise Fades”

guitarists Nate Garnette and Scott Hedrick have been in limbo since the departure of Chance Garnette. With new vocalist Adam Clemans at the healm and a new album dropping July 20 via Prosthetic Records, all signs are showing that the 15-year-old band are back and better than ever. Case in point: The second track from Devouring Radiant Light, entitled “When Paradise

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Exmortus Prepare For Battle With “Make Haste” Lyric Video

If there are any doubts that Exmortus are ready for battle, their lyric video for “Make Haste” from the forthcoming The Sound of Steel will snuff them out. The Cali-thrashers recorded The Sound of Steel at Sharkbite Studio with producer Zack Ohren (Machine Head, Fallujah, Suffocation). The album will be released on June 8 via Prosthetic Records. According to frontman Jadren “Conan”

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Howling Sycamore: “Howling Sycamore” Album Review

What an interesting surprise. A few seconds into the new, self-titled Howling Sycamore album, I found myself thinking, “Naw, not for me.” Now, 20 minutes in, I am totally digging this record. Original and kinda different in it’s approach, they pull it off 100 percent. Symphonic, darkly obsessive with some very cool jazz influences on the back end, there is

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Sorxe - Matter_Void

Sorxe: “Matter & Void” Album Review

Any band that name drops Swans, Melvins, and Pink Floyd in their press release is immediately going to grab my attention. So, I was stoked to hear the latest from Sorxe, Matter & Void, out of Phoenix, Arizona. I can assure you that these guys definitely wear those three influences on their sleeves and it is audible in their songs.

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Nullingroots - Into the Grey - Cover

Nullingroots: “Into The Grey” Album Review

Wow … where to begin with Nullingroots new album, Into the Grey? I have to be perfectly honest, at first listen, I was pretty much put off by it. Total honesty here, kiddos. But, I now have to confess that after repeated listening, it has grown on me. Go figure. Cameron Boesch, the brains behind Nullingroots, has created an interesting

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Sea Legs: Sotiris From Septicflesh Sets His Sights On 70,000 Tons Of Metal

The eighth installment of 70,000 Tons of Metal will depart from Fort Lauderdale in less than three months, and to say we are excited would be an understatement. With 60 metal acts and more than 100 performances, the high seas will be banging. But this excitement isn’t limited to us. The musicians are clearly ready to board the boat. As

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Septicflesh - Tour - 2018

Septicflesh Announce North American Tour With Dark Funeral

Hot off of the September 1 release of their tenth studio album, Codex Omega, orchestral extreme metallers Septicflesh have announced a 2018 North American tour. The co-headline jaunt with Dark Funeral will take place next February and March, and it will include support from Thy Antichrist. The band writes: We’re returning to North America in Feb / March 2018 to

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