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Omnium Gatherum

Omnium Gatherum: “Skyline” New Single Released!

Omnium Gatherum is kicking off their North American run with Insomnium tonight here in New York City, and I couldn’t be more excited! These two metal forces are legendary for their live shows, so to get the chance to see them both in one night is going to be amazing! Just to keep the excitement for this tour at a

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Insomnium And Omnium Gatherum North American Tour Dates Are Here!

Evidently Insomnium had so much fun touring the States with Dark Tranquillity last year, that they’ve decided to come back to North America in late 2015 with Omnium Gatherum! Insomnium put on a magical set here in New York City a few months ago, and the fact that we’ll be able to hear MORE songs on this upcoming headlining run

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