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Doombringer - Walpurgis Fires - Cover

Doombringer: “Walpurgis Fires” Album Review

With a career spanning over 10 years, Polish death metal quartet Doombringer return with Walpurgis Fires. This release comes five years after their first full-length, The Grand Sabbath, and it continues from where their debut left off. There is nothing particularly new or necessarily unique, but the album is sonically gripping. I don’t have a vast array of information about

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Faustcoven - In the Shadow of Doom - Cover

Faustcoven: “In The Shadow Of Doom” Album Review

Faustcoven fans have been patiently waiting six years since the previous album, Hellfire and Funeral Bells, and as we all know, musicians need to recharge at times to create a masterpiece. With the ghastly release of In the Shadow of Doom, multi-instrumentalist Gunnar Hansen has created a beatific, ominous atmosphere perfect for those dismal days. In this occultish yet elegant

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Ares Kingdom Live Photos From The Metro In Chicago, IL

Watain are in the midst of savaging the United States with their unholy comrades in Destroyer 666. They stopped through Chicago, Illinois, for a performance at The Metro on March 2, which also featured Ares Kingdom (below). All photos by Jason Carlson (  

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