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Exodus - Day In The Dirt - 1984

Celebrate 40 Years Of Exodus With A Live Stream From 1984

Exodus formed in 1979, making this 40 years of thrash from these Bay Area innovators. In celebration of their anniversary, they have released a live stream of “No Love” from Day in the Dirt, an underground celebration of all things metal in Berkeley, California. Guitarist Gary Holt comments: Day In The Dirt was almost like the Bay Area thrash metal

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Cradle of Filth - Irving Plaza - By Elliot Levin

Cradle Of Filth Live Photos From Irving Plaza In New York, NY

Dani Filth and his evil ilk clobbered New York’s Irving Plaza on Thursday night, bringing a brutal lineup of bands and the blackest hearts of hatred with them. Cradle of Filth blasted their way through a dozen songs, including fan favorites like “Dusk & Her Embrace,” “Nymphetamine Fix,” and howling opener “Gilded C*nt,” leaving no eardrums unassaulted. Kicking off the

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Fallujah - Undying Light - Promo

Fallujah Stream Aggressive New Track “Dopamine”

Fallujah are returning to the fold on March 15 with Undying Light on Nuclear Blast Records, and to say we are excited is an understatement. Guitarist/vocalist Scott Carstairs writes: With Undying Light we pushed the boundaries of what we consider to be progressive music. The album presents the listener with as varied a sonic terrain as you would come to

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Overkill: “The Wings Of War” Album Review

I remember my first experience with Overkill when I was 16, back in 1986.  I was shuffling through the vinyl at a record store and came across Taking Over. The cover was just to cool to not buy the album! Incidentally, this is how we discovered music in the pre-Internet days.  I used to spend hours in the record stores

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Children of Bodom - Under Grass and Clover - Video Still

Children Of Bodom Create A Frenzy In “Under Grass And Clover” Music Video

Children of Bodom are back and in fine form, if the music video for “Under Grass and Clover” is any indication. The track will be included on their tenth release, Hexed, which will drop on March 8 via Nuclear Blast Records. Children of Bodom frontman, guitarist, and mastermind Alexi Laiho comments, “Under Grass and Clover” is the sound of COB on

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Thy Art is Murder - Death Perception - Cover

Thy Art Is Murder Release “Death Perception” Lyric Video

There’s no better way to stir up an aggressive shopping trip than with some Thy Art is Murder. While ravenous shoppers were aggressively overwhelming shopping centers across the United States searching for Black Friday deals, the band released a new limited edition 7″ entitled “Death Perception.” The song was produced, mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator Will Putney. The vinyl

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