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Ad Inifinitum - Part 1 - Cover

Ad Infinitum: “Chapter 1: Monarchy” Album Review

Chapter I: Monarchy is the first chapter in the symphonic metal band Ad Infinitum’s discography. This epic debut is extremely catchy with beautiful vocal lines and historical stories told throughout. Most of the band wear plague doctor masks because of the stories they write about taking place around Black Death times. (Editor’s note: Sounds like today, huh?) By far the

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Wolfheart - Wolves - Cover

Wolfheart: “Wolves of Karelia” Album Review

Wolfheart are a finnish band who play a genre they coined “winter metal” based on their lyrics revolving around cold winter as well as battles in that cold and, as the band name suggests, wolves. Their upcoming album Wolves of karelia is a wonderful continuation of everything the band’s been doing for the past 7 years but brings in more

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Candlemass - The Door to Doom - Cover

Candlemass: “The Door To Doom” Album Review

What better way to perk up my winter days than having a listen to the new Candlemass album, The Door to Doom. I was quite excited after hearing of the return of vocalist Johan Langquist, and I am very fond of the entire album which is a rarity. Some albums have a few good songs and then lose my attention.

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Jinjer - Micro - Promo

Jinjer Find Beauty In The Maelstrom Of “Perennial”

The female-fronted Jinjer harbor a great deal of fury that they adeptly temper with passionate harmonies. The band just released their new EP, Micro, and it is accompanied by a music video for “Perennial.” The track features raging, brutal verses that are countered by a resilient chorus. Watch the music video for “Perennial” below, buy Micro here, and catch Jinjer

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Legion of the Damned - Slaves of the Damned - Cover

Legion Of The Damned: “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm” Album Review

The Dutch thrash metal band Legion of the Damned have ridden the wave of time, having formed in 1994, and they are with their seventh album, Slaves of the Shadow Realm. Adding tastes of death and black metal to their work, they capture the best concepts these genres have to offer. With huge emphasis on speed-driven riffs and an energetic and

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Alien Weaponry, Tū

Alien Weaponry Join Ministry & Carpenter Brut On North American Tour

New Zealand’s Alien Weaponry is a brand new metal band that everyone seems to be talking about.  The band’s new record, Tū, is out now via Napalm Records.  According to the band’s Bandcamp page: This trio of high school students shocks and surprises audiences on a number of levels: Alien Weaponry’s songwriting is complex, developed and highly political. Their live performance energy is

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Tengger Cavalry Live at Carnegie Hall By Tigran

Exclusive: Live Photos Of Tengger Cavalry From Carnegie Hall In New York City, NY

Tengger Cavalry took the stage for the second time at Carnegie Hall in New York City, New York, on Thursday, September 20. We were fortunate to have new contributor Trigran Kapinos on hand to capture the night of Mongolian folk music. The brainchild of Naturre G., Tengger Cavalry adds an intriguing twist to metal, including Mongolian folk instruments and throat

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