Life Of Agony

There's No Good Music Anymore Volume 1

There’s No Good Music Anymore – Vol. 1

I hear so many people complaining about how there isn’t any good modern music, or how there are no good new bands coming out.  You guys remind me of the teenage girls who post “I’m so ugly” just so that boys will comment about how beautiful you are.  I, of course, fall for it every time and share a link

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Life of Agony

Life Of Agony: “A Place Where There’s No More Pain” Album Review

New York’s Life of Agony are poised to release their first album of all new material in 12 years this week. Entitled A Place Where There’s No More Pain, they have laid out all their proverbial cards with this release, and in my opinion, they have surpassed all expectations. If you are expecting a return to the punk-laced River Runs

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