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King Witch - Under the Mountain - Cover

King Witch: “Under The Mountain” Album review

Out of Edinburgh, Scotland comes this release from King Witch, Under the Mountain, and it is a monster. This be some old school, kick ass, heavy-as-fuck metal, boys and girls. Big sound, rabid riffs, and vicious vocals; this is the whole kit and caboodle. Frontwoman Laura Donnelly is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to singers. She’s a beast,

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White Wizzard: “Infernal Overdrive” Album Review

Oh, White Wizzard … where have you been all of my life? Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the future heroes of heavy metal, White Wizzard. On January 12, get ready to have your socks blown off by Infernal Overdrive. My God, this is one hell of a spectacular record. Where to even begin … but I shall

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Scour - Red - Promo

Exclusive Interview With Derek Engemann Of Scour

Back in February, I was able to catch the live debut of metal supergroup Scour here in New Orleans, and it was a mind-blowing experience. So, to be able to spend some time chatting with their guitarist Derek Engemann was an absolute butt-load of fun. Scour formed back in 2015,and features Phil Anselmo, John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Derek Engemann (Cattle

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Midnight - Sweet Death Cover

Midnight: “Sweat Death And Ecstasy” Album Review

Yes! Yes! Yes! All hail the mighty Midnight! God, I love some Cleveland punk metal music! Coming up on 15 years together, the amazing and hooded Midnight deliver their new album, Sweat Death and Ecstasy, and I’m sporting a raging woody listening to it. Brother Jamie Lee sent it to me because he knows I’m a total whore for great

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Sorxe - Matter_Void

Sorxe: “Matter & Void” Album Review

Any band that name drops Swans, Melvins, and Pink Floyd in their press release is immediately going to grab my attention. So, I was stoked to hear the latest from Sorxe, Matter & Void, out of Phoenix, Arizona. I can assure you that these guys definitely wear those three influences on their sleeves and it is audible in their songs.

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Zao: “Pyrrhic Victory” EP Review

I am a huge fan of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Zao and their last release, The Well-Intentioned Virus, which was released about a year ago. With that in mind, I was pretty excited when Jeff Gretz, the mastermind behind Zao, sent me an advance copy of the new EP, Pyrrhic Victory. I can tell you this: holy fuck! Pyrrhic Victory demonstrates amazing

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Spreading The Disease: “Insurrection” Album Review

Well, you can add Spreading the Disease and their new album, Insurrection, to King Rhino’s “Best Albums of 2017.” Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll be naming them as my pick for “Best New Artist of the Year.” Without a doubt, Insurrection is one of the best metal albums of the year from this young band out of Kent, England, who,

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The Kahless Clone - Promo - 2017

Vito Marchese Of The Kahless Clone Talks “Never-Ending Loneliness” In Exclusive Interview

For the past few weeks, I have been blowing up SkullsnBones and the Twitterverse with my love for the new The Kahless Clone EP, Our Never-Ending Loneliness. It’s a record of deeply emotional and striking instrumental tracks that take the listener on a spectacular voyage of passion and emotion. The Kahless Clone grew from November’s Doom‘s Vito Marchese. We recently had

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Annihilator: “For The Demented” Album Review

Hey, kids … remember when heavy metal was fun? Out of the Great White North (that’s Canada, you chuckleheads), comes the latest from Annihilator, entitled For The Demented. Holy crap, this record is the titties! Imagine Megadeth if Dave Mustaine had a sense of humor and wasn’t a pretentious douchenozzle. For the Demented is an ass-ripper from beginning to end,

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The Kahless Clone: “Our Never-Ending Lonliness” EP Review

Out of the Windy City of Chicago comes The Kahless Clone with the majestic, spectacular EP, Our Never-Ending Loneliness. And, it has been on repeat in my life for the last two weeks. Who says dark metal can’t be beautiful? This record delivers on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. The musicianship is simply breathtaking. Song

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Zao: “Pyrrhic Victory” EP Review

I am a huge fan of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Zao and their last release, The Well-Intentioned Virus, which was released about a year ago. With that