justice for the damned

Justice For the Damned - No Brother, No Friend

Justice For The Damned Release “No Brother, No Friend” Music Video

So you wake up in a stall in the barn. No big deal, right? Particularly if Justice for the Damned is blasting! So begins the band’s video for “No Brother, No Friend” from their Dragged Through the Dirt album. These Australians have just wrapped the cycle for the album, and they found it no better time to drop a music

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Justice For The Damned, “No Flowers On Your Grave” Streaming Now

Justice For The Damned is pretty aggressive and kind of suits my mood as I’m typing this… that mood being that I want to punch someone in the fucking teeth.  Violent?  Yes.  Now you get the idea.  “No Flowers On Your Grave” is pretty straight forward and to the point and the production of the recording is really good. The

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