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John Tardy

Obituary: “Obituary” Album Review

Sometimes putting a new album on feels like coming home from a long day at work, grabbing a beer out of the fridge, and melting into your favorite couch. Obituary‘s new self-titled album has that familiar feel and tone to it, but it harnesses enough newness to keep you interested and head banging the entire time.  These guys are fucking

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Obituary: “Inked In Blood” Review By Jason Zins!

Florida’s Obituary are staples in American death metal. Their trademark slower, simpler take on the genre has influenced countless bands and graced the speakers of metal heads across the world since 1989’s classic Slowly We Rot. John Tardy‘s oozing snarl is just evil. Tardy, along with brother and drummer Donald, longtime guitarist Trevor Peres, former Death bassist Terry Butler, and guitarist Kenny Andrews, have

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