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Jason Zins

Lord Of War: "Suffer" Album Review By Jason Z

California’s Lord of War dance a fine line between technical death metal and deathcore. Their music also includes atmospheric and melodic, which contributes to their unique sound. What I like most is that they avoid delivering the traditional deathcore breakdown five times every song. Instead, on Suffer, they keep it tied together with melodic, screaming guitars. “Age Of Heresy” opens up the album

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The Crown - Promo

The Crown: “Death Is Not Dead” Album Review by Jason Zins!

Ah … more Swedish death metal to grace my palette for the new year. It’s been great seeing the resurgence of old-school death metal in the last few years, including Carcass, At the Gates and Massacre, to name a few. Although The Crown have released two albums over the last decade, Death is Not Dead is the first to feature original vocalist

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