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70000 Tons of Metal: Jason’s Band List for 2019

Hey Metalheads! Jason here. How is it 2019 already?! I can’t believe that a year has gone, and that we are about to embark on another adventure aboard the Independence of the Seas for 70000 Tons of Metal! Last year was my first time ever on a cruise, not to mention 70000 Tons. I’ve never really been interested in cruises

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KISS - Gene Simmons 2014 By SkullsNBones

Opinion: KISS’ Final Tour Is A Welcome One

I am embarrassed to say this, but I thought KISS retired a few years ago. My first album ever was KISS‘ Dynasty on vinyl. It came out in 1979, making me a wee lad upon its release, but I loved it. Arguably a more accessible album than the classics that preceded it, the painted faces on the cover were enough

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Omnium Gatherum - The Burning Cold - Cover

Album Review: Omnium Gatherum, “The Burning Cold”

When it comes to melodic death metal, few have struck the balance between engaging hooks and savagery as Omnium Gatherum. These Finns have have showcased a medley of beauty and brutality since their inception in 1996, with each album boasting a more well-formed sound. The culmination is The Burning Cold – at least for now. Emboldened with woozy synthesizers a

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Decaying - Promo

Decaying: “One To Conquer” Album Review By Jamie Lee!

It’s a common practice for musicians to open an album with a bang, but Finland’s Decaying opt for a more mysterious approach. “Frequent Wind,” the kick-off track on One to Conquer, sounds more like mainstream hard rock, but this dissipates gradually amid the emerging rumble of blast beats. When Matias Nastolin’s growl emerges, it is clear that the mainstream isn’t

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Cloudkicker: “Live With Intronaut” Album Review by Jamie Lee!

It’s easy to assume that some cheap name-dropping is going on when an album entitled Live with Intronaut  is credited to Cloudkicker instead of Intronaut. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with this release. Live with Intronaut is a collaboration between Cloudkicker, the one-man musical project of Ben Sharp, and Intronaut’s Sacha Dunable, Dave Timnick, Danny Walker, and Joe Lester. During

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Yob stretch the “doom” label until it is ready to burst. They always have, and they do so yet again with Clearing the Path to Ascend. Their seventh long-player and first release since 2011’s Atma, Clearing the Path to Ascend molds the obligatory molten drones into vibrant displays of texture and tone, frontman Mike Scheidt’s vocals emerging from the depths

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