Iron Maiden

Is Stadium-Sized Metal Disappearing One Band At A Time?

These are strange times in the metal world. Strange times, indeed. Slayer are calling it quits after 37 years with one more tour that kicks off later in this spring, and fellow Big Four titans Metallica are ramping up for a 34-date 2018/2019 tour that has metalheads spewing all kinds of happy nonsense down their faded black shirts. But the

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Iron Maiden - Legacy of the Beast Mobile Game Review

Iron Maiden, “Legacy of the Beast” Mobile Game Review

I’m about a half a year late on discovering this app but after checking it out I wanted to write about it anyway.  In all fairness I have never reviewed a mobile app before so you’ll have to bear with me as I try to lock down the specifications I think are interesting.  I do play mobile games to pass

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