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Insomnium And Omnium Gatherum North American Tour Dates Are Here!

Evidently Insomnium had so much fun touring the States with Dark Tranquillity last year, that they’ve decided to come back to North America in late 2015 with Omnium Gatherum! Insomnium put on a magical set here in New York City a few months ago, and the fact that we’ll be able to hear MORE songs on this upcoming headlining run

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Jason Lekbeg's Top 10 Albums of 2014

Jason Lekberg’s Top Ten Albums Of 2014!

2014 is nearly over. I feel so ill prepared to write this list, but that’s how I always feel. I read other’s lists and think “who the hell is that? I’m missing out!” Maybe some day I’ll have time to listen to all the music as it is released. Until then, here’s a list of what’s been important to me

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Sam Roon's Top 10 Albums of 2014

Sam Roon’s Top Ten Metal Albums Of 2014!

Wait… is 2014 already over?  What the fuck just happened?  I feel like this year just started and we’re already shovelling snow and talking about what tours we want to see in 2015.  This year may have passed quickly, but it was not without some fantastic records being contributed by a few of my favorite bands, and some bands I didn’t

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