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Einherjer, Norrøne Spor

Einherjer, “Mine Våpen Mine Ord” Music Video

Norwegian metal titans Einherjer released their epic new music video for the track, “Mine Våpen Mine Ord” which comes from their forthcoming release Norrøne Spor.  The new record is due November 9th 2018 via Indie Recordings. “Mine Våpen Mine Ord is a new Einherjer signature epic. Blood boiling and hypnotic. This video was filmed with the North Sea as a witness. This

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Aura Noir Expose Their Blackened Roots With “Shades Ablaze”

Aura Noir are often labeled “thrash,” but it is impossible to listen to these veterans without honing in on the blackened roots from which the band have grown. Comprised of Blasphemer, Apollyon, and Aggressor, the first of whom logged time in Mayhem, while the latter two have played in Cadaver and Dødheimsgard. Their time in these realms are visceral to their

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Nidingr don’t need corpse paint, spikes, or spilt blood to prove their mettle. They do it with complex compositions that summon darkness through tempo changes, unbridled aggression, and a willingness to tie things together with unexpected melody. Greatest of Deceivers, Nidingr’s fourth album, is a dark, blackened brew that is complex to the taste. The tumult is introduced on the

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