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Abbath Announces A Solo Project And Ends Immortal!

  The iconic Immortal is no more! The black metal Gods have been in a legal dispute between members over the right’s to the band’s legendary name, and Abbath came out today with a statement to Metal Hammer ending it all! Here’s the statement: “Immortal’s frontman and founding member has been writing and rehearsing fervently, with a deluge of new

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Sock Puppets Give You An Immortal Christmas Song To Remember!

Do you remember back in October when “Sock Puppet Parody” revealed their parody of Slayer “Raining Blood,” and the internet exploded in laughter? Now that video has over 250,000 views alone, but they weren’t done with the metal parodies! The guys recently uploaded their “Immortal Christmas” parody, and it’s just as awesome! Watch it below, and as they scream at

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On August 11, Behemoth will play at Germany’s Party San Open Air Festival. The band is covering for Deicide, who, due to circumstances beyond their control, had to cancel all of their European tour dates. They’ll share the stage with Immortal, Toxic Holocaust, Ghost Brigade, Warbringer, and several others (check out the roster on Party San’s official website). If you

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