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Steel Panther - Michael Starr, Satchel

Steel Panther Live Photos from House of Blues Chicago 2019

Steel Panther just wrapped up their tour for Heavy Metal Rules with a stop at House of Blues Chicago. I have never seen Steel Panther before, but I will say after seeing them live, I will be a regular from this point forward. I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard at a metal show as I did when

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At The Gates - Tomas Lindberg

Live Photos: At The Gates At House Of Blues Chicago

Also on the tour with Behemoth were the legenday Swedish band, At The Gates. Pioneers of the Gothenburg melodic death metal sound, At The Gates are still putting out quality albums. Touring in support of their most recent album, “To Drink From The Night Itself“, At The Gates delivered an exceptional performance. New to the band is lead guitarist, Jonas

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Behemoth - Nergal

Live Photos: Behemoth At House Of Blues Chicago

Let’s get Black Friday kicked off with some Black Metal! Behemoth made a stop at House of Blues Chicago on their recent tour for their latest album, “I Loved You At Your Darkest“. If you have never seen Behemoth live, then you’re missing out on a great performance. The energy that the band delivers is as intense as their music.

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Light The Torch - Howard Jones

Live Photos: Light The Torch At The House Of Blues Chicago

Howard Jones’ (ex-Killswitch Engage) new band – Light The Torch – opened up for Avatar and Trivium at the House of Blues Chicago on 10/21. The band was highly energetic, and the crowd fed off that energy. Definitely a good opening act to get the crowd ready for Avatar! If you haven’t seen them, check out the Avatar galleries here,

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Trivium - Matt Heafy

Live Photos: Trivium At The House Of Blues Chicago

Trivium is currently touring for their 2017 album, “The Sin and The Sentence“. The band recently made a stop at the House of Blues Chicago with Avatar and Light The Torch. This was a lineup that I couldn’t miss. Due to happy circumstances, Matt Heafy had to drop off the tour to be home with his wife for the birth

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Avatar - Johannes Eckerström

Live Photos: Avatar at the House of Blues Chicago – Part 2

We promised a second gallery of photos from Avatar’s performance at the House of Blues Chicago on 10/21 – and here it is! If you missed the first gallery, you can check it out here. Avatar have also launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance a movie to show the full story of Avatar Country. They’re offering some pretty cool and

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Live Photos: Avatar at the House of Blues Chicago – Part 1

Avatar is currently on tour with Trivium and Light the Torch. The tour stopped at the House of Blues Chicago on 10/21, and I was there to cover it. Having covered Avatar twice before, I always look forward to seeing them perform. The band manages to blend heavy metal with theatricality in a unique and exciting way. As usual, Avatar

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The Black Dahlia Murder: Live Photos from House of Blues In Chicago, IL!

Like I said before, I’m a pretty big fan of The Black Dahlia Murder and I rarely miss one of their shows. I know the House of Blues Chicago has good stage lighting, so I definitely didn’t want to miss this! Playing their latest album, “Nightbringers“, in its entirety, The Black Dahlia Murder also threw in some fan favorites such

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Whitechapel: Live Photos from House of Blues In Chicago, IL!

Whitechapel was the final band before The Black Dahlia Murder. I’ve shot them before at Chicago Open Air 2017 and was happy to get another opportunity this year. When Whitechapel took the stage, I was expecting a lot more lights, but all I got was a lot of spotlights from the back. This makes taking photos difficult, but I think

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Fleshgod Apocalypse: Live Photos from House of Blues In Chicago, IL!

Fleshgod Apocalypse are an Italian band that create some really unique music. I have heard of the band many times but have never had the chance to see them live – until now! Being somewhat unfamiliar with their music, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. In addition to the standard guitars, bass, drums and vocals, Fleshgod Apocalypse combine growling

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