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Moons - Go Out Swinging - Cover

Moons: “Go Out Swinging” Album Review

Coming from Pennsylvania, Moons are a doom and sludge metal band with a focus on horror. The band’s debut album, Go Out Swinging, has shocking lyrics and a groovy and sludgy sound, but it is dark, doomy, too. Other than the horror aspect of Moons’ writing, the most notable thread is stoner and sludge side. With a fuzzy and deep

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Invidiosus Get Weird In Music Video For “Purpose Defeater”

What can make a death metal video more awkward than having Adult Swim‘s Scott Clam standing in the background pumping his fist and even managing some strange recitation that is … uncomfortable, to say the least. But turned up to 11, Invidiosus “Purpose Defeater” melts away the weirdness with thunderous riffs and burly growls. Taken from the band’s  2017  self-titled split

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Obscene - Sermon of the Snake - Cover

Obscene: “Sermon To The Snake” EP Review

Obscene‘s EP Sermon to the Snake will be unleashed on January 18, and while it includes only four tracks, it is certainly enough to deliver their intended impact. “Body of Tears” features a tantalizing and twisting resonance of guitars, bass, and drums that thoroughly sears your nerve endings. Vocalist Kyle Shaw’s vocals are balanced and distinct, not growling nor screaming,

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