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Shitfucker: “Sex With Dead Body” Album Review

Well, this takes balls the size of Alpha Centauri. You name your band Shitfucker. Your first album was titled Suck Cocks In Hell. Your new album is titled Sex With Dead Body. You have songs with names like “Serial Killer,” “Nake Came the Strangler,” “Splatter Master” and “Ricky’s Dead.” Your videos make The Dwarves, The Mentors and GG Allin look

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Nekrofilth: “Worm Ritual” Album Review

Nekrofilth have been rather busy in the last five years, the members persuing various side projects since their debut, 2013’s Devil’s Breath. The Ohio metal trio – Zack Ripper, Disgustin Justin and Shaggy – have returned with Worm Ritual. As a companion to the album, a covers EP entitled Love Me Like a Reptile will also be released. With precision and

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Faithxtractor - Promo - 2018

Premiere: Stream Faithxtractor’s New Album Now!

Faithxtractor can easily be pegged for a blackened death metal act from Europe. This is exactly why your momma warned you about making assumptions. The brainchild of brothers Ash and Marquis Thomas, they actually hail from the dark depths of … Cincinnati, Ohio. That said, their fangs were clearly sharpened on albums from far away. Today marks the release of Proverbial Lambs

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Mongrel’s Cross Stream “The Thirteenth Card”

Six years since the release of their debut, The Sins of Aquarius, Australia’s Mongrel’s Cross are plotting their return with Psalter of the Royal Dragon on Hells Headbangers. While a release date has not yet been announced, the duo have released the first track from the album, a blackened growler entitled “The Thirteenth Card.” Listen to “The Thirteenth Card,” and keep your

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Druid Lord: “Grotesque Offerings” Album Review

Druid Lord released their debut album, Hymns for the Wicked, in 2010.  The have appeared on a number of splits and EPs since Hymns, but fans finally get a full helping with Grotesque Offerings, their first release for Hells Headbangers Records. While their death metal counterparts, like Morbid Angel and Death, exhibit some thrash-inspired bits on their albums, Druid Lord approach their sound from the opposite end of the spectrum, actively relying

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Midnight - Sweet Death Cover

Midnight: “Sweat Death And Ecstasy” Album Review

Yes! Yes! Yes! All hail the mighty Midnight! God, I love some Cleveland punk metal music! Coming up on 15 years together, the amazing and hooded Midnight deliver their new album, Sweat Death and Ecstasy, and I’m sporting a raging woody listening to it. Brother Jamie Lee sent it to me because he knows I’m a total whore for great

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Druid Lord - Promo - 2017

Druid Lord Release First Track From “Grotesque Offerings”

The legacy of doom/death metal is strong in the Sunshine State, and Druid Lord feed off this force on “House of Dripping Gore,” the first track from their second album, Grotesque Offerings. Fueled by influences from Florida metal icons Death, doomsters Black Sabbath, and, of course, horror movies, Druid Lord craft a menacing, down-tuned sound that is heavy on riff-worship.

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Midnight - Promo - 2017

Midnight Release First Track From “Sweet Death And Ecstasy”

Midnight blipped on the radar for many in the metal community with the release of 2014’s No Mercy for Mayhem, but the legacy of these Ohioans is far greater than one album. Formed in 2003 and led by the mysterious Athenar, they have been and continue to be undeniably underground. Few things, if any, are taboo, as the cover of

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Death Yell - Promo

Death Yell: Exclusive Interview And Full Album Stream Of “Descent Into Hell”

Death Yell emerged as a South American force of blackened death metal in the late ’80s only to abruptly dissolve in the early ’90s leaving behind a demo, Vengeance from Darkness. Praise be to Hades they are back and are releasing a proper studio debut, Descent into Hell, this week on Hells Headbangers. King Rhino recently reviewed the album, and he jumped at

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Death Yell - Cover

Death Yell: “Descent Into Hell” Album Review

Hey, Tom Araya and Kerry King! Remember when Slayer sounded like this? Death Yell broke up for 20 years, got back together, and are now releasing a record that wipes it’s South American butt with Repentless! South America. Goddamn, you guys can put out some ass-scorching thrash metal! Formed in the late ’80s and broken up by 1991, Death Yell

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Nekrofilth: “Worm Ritual” Album Review

Nekrofilth have been rather busy in the last five years, the members persuing various side projects since their debut, 2013’s Devil’s Breath. The Ohio metal trio