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Acrassicauda: “Gilgamesh” Album Review By Metal Mark!

Since their formation fourteen years ago in Baghdad, Acrassicauda has truly fought and survived unthinkable situations in order to create heavy metal, and this month they finally saw the release of their first full length album. “Gilgamesh” not only tells a historical story from Iraq, but also transitions it into our generation with a precise heavy metal background. It’s an

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Watch The First Studio Update From Acrassicauda Here!

Acrassicauda fans rejoice! As we mentioned back in July, the guys raised over $37,000 to hit their Kickstarter goal and are now in the studio working on their first full length album! Here was the band’s reaction, “We are in a state of shock and disbelief. There are no words to describe how we feel right now. But for now,

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