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Candlemass - The Door to Doom - Cover

Candlemass: “The Door To Doom” Album Review

What better way to perk up my winter days than having a listen to the new Candlemass album, The Door to Doom. I was quite excited after hearing of the return of vocalist Johan Langquist, and I am very fond of the entire album which is a rarity. Some albums have a few good songs and then lose my attention.

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Indestructible Noise Command - Terrible Things - Promo

Indestructible Noise Command Return With “First Go Rek” Music Video

Connecticut’s Indestructible Noise Command (I.N.C.) have been around since the mid ’80s, although their work remains below the radar. They had a couple of major label releases and have lived a career of fits and starts before reforming in 2010. These veterans are now ready to deliver their fifth full-length, Terrible Things, which will drop on March 8. It is

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Rotting Christ - The Heretics - Promo

Rotting Christ Release Tribute To Edgar Allen Poe Entitled “The Raven”

Greece’s Rotting Christ will release The Heretics on February 15 via Season of Mist. The album was recorded by Rotting Christ guitarist George Emmanuel at his studio Pentagram, and it features intense artwork by Maximos Manolis. The band have now released a lyric video for “The Raven” from the album. Frontman Sakis Tolis comments on the new song: We proudly

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Jinjer - Micro - Promo

Jinjer Find Beauty In The Maelstrom Of “Perennial”

The female-fronted Jinjer harbor a great deal of fury that they adeptly temper with passionate harmonies. The band just released their new EP, Micro, and it is accompanied by a music video for “Perennial.” The track features raging, brutal verses that are countered by a resilient chorus. Watch the music video for “Perennial” below, buy Micro here, and catch Jinjer

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Legion of the Damned - Slaves of the Damned - Cover

Legion Of The Damned: “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm” Album Review

The Dutch thrash metal band Legion of the Damned have ridden the wave of time, having formed in 1994, and they are with their seventh album, Slaves of the Shadow Realm. Adding tastes of death and black metal to their work, they capture the best concepts these genres have to offer. With huge emphasis on speed-driven riffs and an energetic and

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Unearth - Extinctions - Cover

Unearth: “Extinction(s)” Album Review

Get in the fucking pit! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I hit play on Unearth’s new album Extinction(s). I would advise caution when listening to this while you’re driving, as you may be prone to speeding. Since 2001, Unearth have taken the reigns of metalcore and strangled the hell out of it with precision and dominance

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Wacken Metal Battle 2019

Wacken Metal Battle USA Band Submissions Are Open

Is your band ready for Wacken Open Air? That is a question that should be on the minds of upstarts in the United States, and if the answer is yes, it is time to engage in the Wacken Metal Battle USA. Bands can now apply to compete with others during the qualifying rounds in select cities across the nation. The national

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Them - Manor of the Se7en Gables - Cover

Them: “Manor Of The Se7en Gables” Album Review

Them is one of the most unusual and unique acts in metal today, mixing Halloween themes with thrash metal. Their debut, Sweat Hollow (2016), was underwhelming and failed at translating their inspirations into their sound. Things are changing this year with the release of Manor Of The Se7en Gables where everything sounds much more ambitious. Manor Of The Se7en Gables kicks

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Pig Destroyer - Head Cage - Cover

Album Review: Pig Destroyer, ” Head Cage”

If age is wisdom, than Pig Destroyer are the owls of the grindcore kingdom. These Virginians have been blasting their way through violent noise for more than two decades, and while they’ve written and produced stand-out albums over their tenure (2001’s Prowler in the Yard is a prime example), their output over the last decade is unrivaled in calculated beat-downs.

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