Fit For An Autopsy

Tombs - Cold - Promo

Tombs Release “November Wolves” Music Video

Black metal acts rarely, if ever, compare to the legendary Tombs. These Brooklynites, led by Mike Hill, laugh at the corpse-painted denizens who proclaim to be “trve,” opting instead for a muscular, ever-evolving, experimental sound that is theirs and theirs alone. Tombs will return on June 16 with their fourth long-player, entitled The Grand Annihilation, on Metal Blade Records. For

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There's No Good Music Anymore Volume 1

There’s No Good Music Anymore – Vol. 1

I hear so many people complaining about how there isn’t any good modern music, or how there are no good new bands coming out.  You guys remind me of the teenage girls who post “I’m so ugly” just so that boys will comment about how beautiful you are.  I, of course, fall for it every time and share a link

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Fit For An Autopsy: “The Great Collapse” Album Review

Um, yeah. We’re looking at not only what will most likely turn out to be one of the heaviest and best metal albums of 2017, but, hopefully, the record that will break Fit For An Autopsy into the major leagues. With this release, The Great Collapse, they have produced an album so fucking good, no one will be able to ignore

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