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Godsmack - 7-23-2019 - New York - By Elliot Levin

Godsmack Live Photos From Beacon Theatre In New York, NY

Boston’s Godsmack crashed into Manhattan on July 23 and laid down a two hour set of hard rock. Fans packed the venerable Upper West Side’s Beacon Theatre for a rare, all-seated Godsmack show which prevented mosh pits but did nothing to stop the usual beer chugging, headbanging and fistpumping that are hallmarks of Sully Erna and friends’ live show. The

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Black Label Society - New York 2019 - By Elliott Levin

Black Label Society Live Photos From Bowery Ballroom In New York, NY

Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society blasted into New York City on Monday night, performing the entire Sonic Brew album for a packed Bowery Ballroom. The album’s mix of thrashers and acoustic ballads created an odd rhythm unlike a usual BLS concert, but it’s not like the New York Chapter gave a shit – they sang along to every

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Okilly Dokilly - Live In Teaneck NJ - By Elliot Levin

Okilly Dokilly Live Photos From Debonair Music Hall In Teaneck, NJ

For a joke band, five angry Ned Flanders pack a hell of a punch. That’s what everyone at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, New Jersey, on Sunday, April 14, when Okilly Dokilly reeducated locals with equal parts Simpsons fandom and gut-crushing doom metal. The self-styled Heavy Nedal band first went viral over a year ago, and topped that just

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Cradle of Filth - Irving Plaza - By Elliot Levin

Cradle Of Filth Live Photos From Irving Plaza In New York, NY

Dani Filth and his evil ilk clobbered New York’s Irving Plaza on Thursday night, bringing a brutal lineup of bands and the blackest hearts of hatred with them. Cradle of Filth blasted their way through a dozen songs, including fan favorites like “Dusk & Her Embrace,” “Nymphetamine Fix,” and howling opener “Gilded C*nt,” leaving no eardrums unassaulted. Kicking off the

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2018-09-09 - Helloween - Los Angeles - By Elliot Levin

Live Photos: Helloween At Hollywood Palladium In Hollywood, CA

The 30-year career of Helloween reached a stunning climax Saturday night at the Hollywood Palladium, as former members Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen rejoined the band for a seven-man tour aptly named “Pumpkins United.” In what would have only been a Helloween fan’s wet dream just a couple of years ago, Kiske shared vocal duties with longtime frontman Andi Deris.

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Alice Cooper - Live Photos - Los Angeles By Elliot Levin

Live Photos: Alice Cooper From The Greek Theatre In Los Angeles, CA

Classic rock fans welcomed a nightmare for the ages at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California, Sunday evening when Alice Cooper‘s Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper tour stormed into town with Bronx rocker Ace Frehley in tow. Los Angeles has no shortage of outdoor concert venues, but the Greek’s natural intimacy and forested surroundings gave the night a surreal, otherworldly

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Behemoth And Lamb Of God Live Photos From The Forum In Inglewood, CA

Slayer, Lamb of God, and Behemoth packed The Forum to capacity this past weekend, selling out every seat in the arena and filling the streets of Inglewood with black-clad, Satan-worshipping metalheads. A pair of scolding church protesters greeted fans arriving in the parking lots, but they could do nothing to spoil a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon tailgate for the thousands

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Superjoint Live Photos From Hollywood, CA

Superjoint tore the shit out of The Whiskey A Go Go on Thursday night with 16 songs of pure American hatred. Phillip Anselmo was his usual alpha male self, busting his band mates’ balls between songs and begging fans not to fight before shit-stirring the crowd with songs like “The Destruction of a Person” and “Everyone Hates Everyone.” A few new

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