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Dope Live Photos from The Apollo Theatre AC 2019

Dope is currently touring as support for Static-X. The band put on a good show and were highly energetic with a lot of jumping around on stage. Sadly, the stage lighting was not conducive to producing high definition shots or capturing jump shots without blur. With stage lighting so dark, it makes you wonder if they’re trying to hide someone’s

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Static-X Live Photos from The Apollo A.C. 2019

I have been a fan of Static-X since I first saw them open for Fear Factory back in 1999. Wayne Static came out on stage and my friend goes, “Look, it’s the Slim Jim guy!” I laughed. Then Static-X started playing, and I replaced that laughter with fanatic screaming as my ears greatly enjoyed the aural assault that they were

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NSFW Video for Dope Cover of Ministry’s “Thieves”

“I’m not a fan of cover songs,” said Combichrist vox Andy LaPlegua. “When Edsel reached out to me about doing ‘Thieves’ together I was really skeptical – but in the end I think we do the mighty Ministry justice… And I’m sure Uncle Al will love the video!” Indeed. This video is fucking gross and offensive and probably the most metal

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