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Nox Formulae - Satan - Cover

Nox Formulae: “Drakon – Darshan – Satan” Album Review

Drakon – Darshan – Satan is described by Nox Formulae as a “sonic grimoire of Higher Black Magic.”This being their second album of Satanic black metal, it is based on At the Outskirts of the Shadow Current: The Dark Initiation in This Lifetime by Daemon Gharressieth. If you take a peek at their site, it describes a bit of their

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Devouring Star: “The Arteries Of Heresy” Album Review

Strangely enough, I was involved in quite a nice conversation with a Finnish guitarist when I posted a meme about Finnish forest rangers having to rescue black metal bands from getting lost. Apparently, Finland is indeed quite a hot spot for the ongoing black metal scene, and yes, the young ones enjoy rehearsing in the woods. At any rate, Devouring

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Skeletal Remains: “Devouring Mortality” Album Review

After being steeped in black metal for a good part of the tail end of winter, this is a welcome relief back to the death metal realm, old school style. California’s Skeletal Remains have produced a skull-crunching release, Devouring Mortality. Immediately the music begins bludgeoning from all sides. “Ripperolgy” slices your senses open with furious riffs, of which I am somewhat

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Spectral Voice - Promo - 2017

Spectral Voice Stream “Thresholds Beyond” Single

After a number of demos and splits, Denver, Colorado, death and doomsters Spectral Voice are preparing for their first full-length release. Entitled Eroded Corridors of Being, the album will drop on October 13 via Dark Descent Records. Have a taste of Spectral Voice with the release of “Thresholds Beyond” from Eroded Corridors of Being. Like what you hear? Pre-order the album here!

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It takes Maveth a few tracks to shake off the stiffness. Blame it on the icy climes of Finland, or maybe it’s that Coils of the Black Earth is their debut, but the rigid monotony of the opening run of tracks is tense and unnecessarily uncomfortable, like wearing a turtleneck made of steel wool. Christbutcher’s gutteral growl is enough to

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