Lords of Acid - Los Angeles - 2017

Combichrist And Lords Of Acid Live Photos From Fonda Theatre In Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood’s weirdest turned out in force for the best electroshock show of the month on October 12 at Fonda Theatre. Combichrist decimated the floor of the Fonda with bowel-shaking bass on fan favorites like “Electrohead” and “F*ck That Shit.” Fans raged to the beats of both the band and especially drummer Joe Letz, whose on-stage violence was almost a show

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NSFW Video for Dope Cover of Ministry’s “Thieves”

“I’m not a fan of cover songs,” said Combichrist vox Andy LaPlegua. “When Edsel reached out to me about doing ‘Thieves’ together I was really skeptical – but in the end I think we do the mighty Ministry justice… And I’m sure Uncle Al will love the video!” Indeed. This video is fucking gross and offensive and probably the most metal

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