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Abhorrent Deformity - Slaughter Monolith - Album Cover

Abhorrent Deformity: “Slaughter Monolith” Album Review

North carolina-based death metal quartet Abhorrent Deformity seethe your nerve endings with their latest release, Slaughter Monolith. I am always appreciative of the horror/gore factor in lyrics and this savage delight rapes your eardrums. The band – Mark De Gruchy (vocals), Matthew Green (drums), Jason Keating (guitar), and David Wright (bass) – concoct merciless bastions of sound. Check out the

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Aborted Fetus - The Ancient Spirits of Decay - Cover

Aborted Fetus: “The Ancient Spirits Of Decay” Album Review

The greatest thing about metal is that it’s a genre that likely has the most acceptance and tolerance when compared to others. No matter your nationality, race, religion, or gender preference, metalheads are a collective unit, a family of metal brothers and sisters. It is especially important to hold onto this in a world of  endless political chaos. And I

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Aborted Fetus - Private Judgment Day


Russian death metallers Aborted Fetus have returned to engulf your soul and throw you into a world of eternal brutality with their third full length album, Private Judgement Day. Starting the album off right and setting the mood with “Savage Dominance,” it doesn’t take long to realize that your skull is about to be ripped off and possessed by the

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