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Behind The Sun: “Post Solis” EP Review

After recently really paying attention to Mastodon, I think I have become attuned to hardcore, progressive metal music. And this is a great gateway to appreciating this EP from Behind the Sun, Post Solis. Like Mastodon, Behind the Sun hail from South Carolina, and for some reason the southern states have a phenomenal effect on the musicians that gravitate towards this genre. It’s

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Invasion: “Destroyer Of Mankind” Album Review

I love war metal! Invasion play a brand of death metal that falls somewhere in line with Bolt Thrower, Amon Amarth, Benediction, and maybe even some Obituary, and this is on display on Destroyer of Mankind. The riffs are chunky and razor sharp, and the vocals are deep and guttural with a Karl Willetts feel to them. “I Am the Enemy” starts the album

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