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Angerot - The Splendid Iniquity - Cover

Angerot: “The Splendid Iniquity” Album Review

South Dakota? OK, if you say so … Angerot‘s new album, The Splendid Iniquity, feels like classic Swedish death metal. Guttural vocals that I’m guessing are a call to Satan, whiplash guitar riffs that come at you like frozen Scandanavian winds, and a feeling that you are being dropped into the bowls of Hell, itself. And their from South Dakota.

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Sol De Sangre - ST - Cover

Sol De Sangre: “Sol De Sangre” Album Review

Out of Colombia comes the self-titled album by Sol de Sangre. Or, Blood Sun. And, once again, we learn that no one does death metal like South Americans. Sol de Sangre is an assripper in the best possible way. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you get the gist. Imagine Sepultura turned up to 11. The musicianship on this record

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Morgengrau - Blood Oracle - Cover

Morgengrau: “Blood Oracle” Album Review

When reviewing an album, I’ll occasionally do a thing whereby I won’t look at the biography or band site. Instead, just listen first and get a feeling. Blood Oracle was just the album to do this with, and I will say why afterwards. Morgengrau hail from Texas and formed in 2010. This new album was produced by Harris Johns (Celtic

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Skeletal Remains: “Devouring Mortality” Album Review

After being steeped in black metal for a good part of the tail end of winter, this is a welcome relief back to the death metal realm, old school style. California’s Skeletal Remains have produced a skull-crunching release, Devouring Mortality. Immediately the music begins bludgeoning from all sides. “Ripperolgy” slices your senses open with furious riffs, of which I am somewhat

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The Modern Age of Slaver - Promo - 2017

The Modern Age Of Slavery Release “Miles Apart” Music Video

Italian deathcore mongers The Modern Age of Slavery will return this week with Stygian, a brutally intense album that spotlights their intricate musicality and shear rage. The band writes: With this new album we tried to make another step forward in the evolution of our sound: what you’ll hear it’s a quite obscure atmosphere delivering a sullen and evil experience,

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The Kahless Clone - Promo - 2017

Vito Marchese Of The Kahless Clone Talks “Never-Ending Loneliness” In Exclusive Interview

For the past few weeks, I have been blowing up SkullsnBones and the Twitterverse with my love for the new The Kahless Clone EP, Our Never-Ending Loneliness. It’s a record of deeply emotional and striking instrumental tracks that take the listener on a spectacular voyage of passion and emotion. The Kahless Clone grew from November’s Doom‘s Vito Marchese. We recently had

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Cranely Gardens Release “The Challenger” Music Video

It’s no secret that Cranely Gardens are a favorite of the SkullsNBones staff, particularly King Rhino, so we are pleased to publish a new music video from the New Jersey metallers’ House of Decay. The seven-song House of Decay EP was released on August 11 and is the follow-up to 2015’s Locust Valley EP. King Rhino took note in his review of

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Cranely Gardens - Promo

Cranely Gardens Release “Savages” Lyric Video

New Jersey’s Cranely Gardens have released one impressive EP with House of Decay. King Rhino liked the seven-song release enough to give it a whopping five-star review (read it here). Now, they are continuing to build on the momentum with a lyric video for “Savages” from the EP. Watch the lyric video below, and buy Cranely Gardens‘ House of Decay here!

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Spectral Voice - Promo - 2017

Spectral Voice Stream “Thresholds Beyond” Single

After a number of demos and splits, Denver, Colorado, death and doomsters Spectral Voice are preparing for their first full-length release. Entitled Eroded Corridors of Being, the album will drop on October 13 via Dark Descent Records. Have a taste of Spectral Voice with the release of “Thresholds Beyond” from Eroded Corridors of Being. Like what you hear? Pre-order the album here!

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