Nuclear Blast, Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII

Decapitated Covers Meshuggah, Max Cavalera Joins Immolation For Sepultura Cover On Nuclear Blast Compilation

Decapitated covering Meshuggah, Max Cavalera performing with Immolation for Sepultura cover, Kataklysm re-records “The Awakener”, Hypocracy covers The Exploited and so much more to experience on the new Nuclear Blast compilation release, Death …Is Just The Beginning, MMXVIII. Nuclear Blast‘s, Death …Is Just The Beginning is available in a variety of formats in the Nuclear Blast Webshop. Death …Is Just The Beginning MMXVII Benediction – “Tear Off

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Watch The Full Carcass Set From Richmond, Virginia Here!

The almighty Carcass will be releasing the “Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP” next week (November 11th) via Nuclear Blast Records. We got our first taste of the material with “Livestock Marketplace” that you can still listen to here, and now the EP is only days away! Currently the legends are in the middle of their headlining run with Obituary,

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Carcass: “Livestock Marketplace” Single Unleashed!

Stop the presses! A new Carcass song is here! As we recently revealed, the death metal legends will be releasing the “Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP” on November 11th via Nuclear Blast Records. This EP features a collection of unreleased and hard to find tracks, recorded during the “Surgical Steel” sessions, and today we have our first taste of

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