Black Royal

Black Royal’s Top 10 Albums Of 2019

The amazing guys in Finland’s Black Royal have shared a combined list of their top ten favorite albums of 2019. The list is in no particular order, so treat them all like a #1! The guys also provided a short excerpt with each record. Black Royal is set to release their new record, Firebride on February 14th 2020 and I personally

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Candlemass - The Door to Doom - Cover

Candlemass: “The Door To Doom” Album Review

What better way to perk up my winter days than having a listen to the new Candlemass album, The Door to Doom. I was quite excited after hearing of the return of vocalist Johan Langquist, and I am very fond of the entire album which is a rarity. Some albums have a few good songs and then lose my attention.

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Hot And Heavy - February 22 - Header

Hot And Heavy: Week Ending February 22, 2019

Today marks a big one for new metal releases. With Hot and Heavy, we highlight these releases. Review the list, watch a couple of videos, and hit up your local record store to stock up on some metal! Albums Abyssic: High The Memory (Osmose Productions) Aenimus: Dreamcatcher (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) Basilysk: Emergence (Independent) Bellrope: You Must Relax (Exile on Mainstream) Booze Control: Forgotten Lands (Gates

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Today we take a trip back to 1987 to a song called Bewitched off the second album by Candlemass called Nightfall. The album was the first Candlemass album with vocalist Messiah Marcolin and is the second best selling album by the band.

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