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Throane - Cover - 2017

Throane Release Music Video For “Et Ceux En lesquels Ils Croyaient”

The sonic weight of Throane‘s newest track, “Et Ceux En lesquels Ils Croyaient,” is more than breathtaking. It is suffocating. From the cosmic drones to the pained howls, its darkness  sucks all of the light and life from the room. And this is but one track from Throane‘s Plus Une Main A Mordre. The side project of photographer, illustrator, and

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Blut Aus Nord - Promo - 2017

Blut Aus Nord Announce New Album, Release Teaser

French black metallers Blut Aus Nord will return this October with Deus Salutis Meæ, their first album in three years. The band have released a teaser for the album, along with album artwork by Anna Levytska. Deus Salutis Meæ Track Listing 01. δημιουργός 02. Chorea Macchabeorum 03. Impius 04. γνῶσις 05. Apostasis 06. Abisme 07. Revelatio 08. ἡσυχασμός 09. Ex tenebrae Lucis 10.

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