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Top 10 Metal Stories Of 2014 On SkullsNBones!

There is no question that 2014 was one of the biggest years in heavy music in a very long time. From the death of one of the most iconic individuals ever to step foot on a stage, to legendary bands releasing some of the best material they’ve ever created, this year has shown that the heavy music world still has

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Blothar Speaks On His Role As The GWAR Front Man And More In A New Interview!

It’s been a busy ssummer for the legendary GWAR. At this year’s GWAR-B-Q, the band sent Oderus Urungus off with a viking funeral(video), re-introduced Michael Bishop as Blothar, and have announced a MASSIVE U.S. tour starting next month. As you saw from the footage from the GWAR-B-Q, Blothar was the perfect selection to carry on this band. Not only is

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On Friday night the GWAR-B-Q kicked off with a touching memorial for Dave Brockie, and then Oderus Urungus was properly sent off with a powerful viking funeral(Watch it all here). On Saturday night GWAR returned to the stage, and we all found out who would be taking over as the new front man and it’s just awesome. Amongst other characters,

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