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Nuclear Blast, Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII

Decapitated Covers Meshuggah, Max Cavalera Joins Immolation For Sepultura Cover On Nuclear Blast Compilation

Decapitated covering Meshuggah, Max Cavalera performing with Immolation for Sepultura cover, Kataklysm re-records “The Awakener”, Hypocracy covers The Exploited and so much more to experience on the new Nuclear Blast compilation release, Death …Is Just The Beginning, MMXVIII. Nuclear Blast‘s, Death …Is Just The Beginning is available in a variety of formats in the Nuclear Blast Webshop. Death …Is Just The Beginning MMXVII Benediction – “Tear Off

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Bleeding Gods Deliver A Lesson In Shred On “Beloved By Artemis” Playthrough

There’s no denying Bleeding Gods‘ fleet-fingered shredding, but it is even more impressive to see it. The band released Dodekathlon in January, and their new playthrough video features “Beloved By Artemis” from the album. What’s even more exciting is their approach to the playthrough, given that it features Ramon Ploeg (guitar), Rutger Van Noordenburg (guitar), and Gea Mulder (bass). This track sounds ultra-complex on the album, and

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Bleeding Gods - Dodekathlon - Cover

Bleeding Gods: “Dodekathlon” Album Review

Dodekathlon by Bleeding Gods is a conceptual album based on the Greek mythology of the 12 labors of Hercules. I won’t get too into the story since there are many websites about it, but in summation, after a fit of rage, Hercules murdered his wife and children. As punishment for the murders, he had to perform 12 labors, or feats

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