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What’s Next For At The Gates Now That Anders Björler Is Let Loose?

I guess it’s no surprise that At The Gates wouldn’t last too long with the original lineup for the reunion tour and subsequent album.  It’s really something special that they lasted as long as they did.  But if we all recall, it was only supposed to be a one-off thing that turned into something bigger once the band saw the

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At The Gates: Anders Björler Interview!

It took almost twenty years, but At The Gates released “At War With Reality” last year to huge response from fans all around the world. As Jason said in his 5/5 review, “At The Gates have created a masterpiece,“and I could not agree more. It was easily one of my favorite albums of 2014, and a record that I still

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This absolutely RULES! Anders Björler has revealed that his first ever solo album, “Antikythera,” is officially done! With a resume including The Haunted and At The Gates, you know it’s going to be spectacular! So what can we expect? Here’s what he has said on the upcoming release, “This is NOT a ‘metal’ project. Those of you who are familiar

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