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Abhorrent Decimation

Abhorrent Decimation: “The Pardoner” Album Review

Hmmmmmm …. an ass-ripping metal album based on one of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales? OK … I’m game. And, what do you know? Abhorrent Decimation pull it off with their new album, The Pardoner. It’s an interesting and intriguing album that follows the story of The Pardoner, a loathsome character from one of Chaucer’s most interesting stories. One moment it is

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Venom Inc

Venom Inc. Release First Video From Interview Series

Metal legends Venom Inc. are preparing for the August 11 release of their newest release, Avé, on Nuclear Blast, and they have kicked off a video interview series digging into the band’s history and the new album. Watch the video below, and pre-order the album here! Avé track listing: 01. Ave Satanas       02. Forged In Hell    03. Metal We Bleed               04. Dein

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Tengger Cavalry: “Die On My Ride” Album Review

Heavy. is a heavy metal website, but how do you actually define “heavy”? Is it simply the volume that something is played at or listened to? Is it the content of the lyrics’ subject matter? Is it in how bombastic and over-the-top the band’s performance is onstage? Or, does “heavy” come in the silence, in the notes not played,

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