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Atala: “Labyrinth of Ashmedai” Album Review

Me, personally? I am a huge desert doom metal fan. There’s just something about the metal that comes out of the desert that speaks to me, I guess. So, I am totally digging the fuck out of Atala‘s new album, Labyrinth of Ashmedai. Hailing from one of my favorite places on Earth – 29 Palms, California – Atala is to desert

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Terror Universal: “Make Them Bleed” Album Review

Like luchadores of horror metal, Terror Universal’s masked mayhem features sonic acrobatics that are nearly stadium-sized. Born of current and former members of Machine Head, Upon a Burning Body, Ill Niño, and Soulfly, they have followed up 2015’s Reign of Terror EP with a polished debut, entitled Make Them Bleed. The pedigree of the players is evident in the tight,

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Sorxe - Matter_Void

Sorxe: “Matter & Void” Album Review

Any band that name drops Swans, Melvins, and Pink Floyd in their press release is immediately going to grab my attention. So, I was stoked to hear the latest from Sorxe, Matter & Void, out of Phoenix, Arizona. I can assure you that these guys definitely wear those three influences on their sleeves and it is audible in their songs.

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Nullingroots - Into the Grey - Cover

Nullingroots: “Into The Grey” Album Review

Wow … where to begin with Nullingroots new album, Into the Grey? I have to be perfectly honest, at first listen, I was pretty much put off by it. Total honesty here, kiddos. But, I now have to confess that after repeated listening, it has grown on me. Go figure. Cameron Boesch, the brains behind Nullingroots, has created an interesting

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Terror Universal Release Title Track From “Make Them Bleed”

Terror Universal may be an unfamiliar name, but the players have made their mark in groups including Machine Head, Ill Niño, Soulfly, and Upon A Burning Body. They released an EP in 2014, and now, following a slate of international performances, they are returning with their debut long-player, Make them Bleed. The album will drop on January 18 via minus

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Sea Legs: Sotiris From Septicflesh Sets His Sights On 70,000 Tons Of Metal

The eighth installment of 70,000 Tons of Metal will depart from Fort Lauderdale in less than three months, and to say we are excited would be an understatement. With 60 metal acts and more than 100 performances, the high seas will be banging. But this excitement isn’t limited to us. The musicians are clearly ready to board the boat. As

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Annihilator: “For The Demented” Album Review

Hey, kids … remember when heavy metal was fun? Out of the Great White North (that’s Canada, you chuckleheads), comes the latest from Annihilator, entitled For The Demented. Holy crap, this record is the titties! Imagine Megadeth if Dave Mustaine had a sense of humor and wasn’t a pretentious douchenozzle. For the Demented is an ass-ripper from beginning to end,

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