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Noisem Cease to Exist - Promo

Noisem Stream The Dynamic “Filth And Style”

When it comes to young, shredding lads, Baltimore, Maryland’s Noisem are a metallic force to be reckoned with, and they are only growing stronger. The trio will release their third album, entitled Cease to Exist, this March, and they have now unleashed a new single, “Filth and Style” from the release. Listen to “Filth and Style” below, catch Noisem on

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Superstition: “Surging Throng Of Evil’s Might” Album Review

The word superstition brings to mind childhood tales of misfortune that would await you if you broke the rules. In this case, the New Mexican death/thrash metal band Superstition break sonic barrier rules with their latest release, Surging Throng of Evil’s Might. “Death’s Fuming Passage” introduces this onslaught with raw-throated bellows surfacing from the murky depths and further punctuated by thunderous

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Witch Vomit - Promo Photo

Witch Vomit Stream “Doomed In The Realm Of The Dead”

Witch Vomit‘s “Doomed in the Realm of the Dead” sounds like a car accident. It’s not so much the thud of the impact, but the sonic irreverence of wrenching metal, breaking glass, and human pain. Given that this is death metal, these are encouraging signs. The track is one of four that comprise the Poisoned Blood mini-LP which will be released in

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Samothrace’s Reverence to Stone succeeds where many doom metal albums fail: it has momentum. The Seattle-based band emerged in 2008 with the debut Life’s Trade before flirting with obscurity at the hands of personal trials and tribulations. But Samothrace have returned, reconfigured and resilient as ever, with a two-song, 35 minute expanse of sonic darkness that crawls, rages, intones, and

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