Prog-metal is always ambitious on the musical and lyrical fronts. From math-nerd, boner-inducing rhythms to lyrics that grapple with philosophy and neuroscience – as in this case – it’s some of the best metal to listen to while baked off your tits.

The vocals are clean but the beats are mean, and “The Incredible Machine” raises questions about the relationship between our slimy, squishy skullmeats and our slimy, squishy personalities. Where lies the border between the brain and the mind?

SynaptiK‘s recently released sophomore album, Justify & Reason “ventures into the dark, labyrinthine corridors of the human psyche to examine the relationship between inner emotions and society at large ― universal themes that transcend cultural and national boundaries. Each song has a different feel, they are their own monster, the lyrics reflect these different moods, the effects of anti-psychotic medication, regret, emotional abuse / control, and the human brain and the mysteries it holds.”

Order from here if in the UK, or get the 2CD US edition on sale here!



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