Last month we learned that Symphony X had finished their latest album, and now we know when it’s coming to our ears! Symphony X will be releasing “Underworld” on July 24th via Nuclear Blast Records! What can we expect? Michael Romeo said this: “Musically, Underworld has things reminiscent of the bands previous albums but this one definitely has its own individuality. Every element added was in service of the song, so the album flows and becomes a total listening experience from start to finish. Every song is to-the-point and fine-tuned, with us paying a lot of attention to the hooks, voices, riffs, and keeping the interest and the energy high for the entire record. It is heavy and aggressive as fuck when it needs to be, yet soaring and emotional at other times. I think the balance is just right. It had to have all the elements of what we normally would do, just tweaked up a notch and really fine-tuned. You know, industry people have talked about how we’ll never see a complete album again, and that idea. I wanted to defend the reputation of the album, and really try to make Underworld worth listening to as a whole record. It’s what I love about great individual songs, but still an album experience. I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching, but it was a point we wanted to make. It was about the progression of the whole record. It speeds up here and then it dips down here. It all makes sense together, it all works together and it all flows together.

Read more details at, and get excited, because I’m sure that we’ll get to hear some of the new “Underworld” material on their upcoming run with Overkill! Those dates are here! DON’T MISS OUT!





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