Swallow The Sun: “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light” Album Review

Few bands are lucky to release three critically acclaimed albums in their careers. Swallow the Sun did it in one release, Songs from the North. But how do you top such a feet?

Frontman Mikko Kotamaki wasn’t sure how this would play out, how the group could follow up to such a massive collection of songs. Truth be told, it is playing out in the best possible way. When a Shadow is Forced into the Light takes the beauty, pain and menace of the previous release and shapes them into a series of emotive, succinct tracks that carry intensive weight. There is a vampiric beauty to the title track, grandiose in orchestration and feral when Kotamaki delivers his blood-thirsty rasp. “Stone Wings” channels its passion into an infectious melody that is built layer-upon-layer to an intense chorus. “Here on the Black Earth” is fueled by desperation, its chorus becoming a cataclysmic death knell.

Swallow the Sun have transcended their tag as a funeral doom act and have proven themselves yet again as one of the most significant musical forces in metal. Their sprawling Songs from the North will always serve as their beacon, but When a Shadow is Forced into the Light is their masterpiece.

When a Shadow is Forced into the Light is out now on Century Media Records. Buy it here!

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