Swallow The Sun: “Pray For The Winds To Come” Single Released!

Swallow The Sun will be releasing not one, not two, but three albums on November 13th via Century Media. “Songs From The North I, II & III” is said to embody the band’s motto of “Gloom, Beauty & Despair,” and as you read in Jamie Lee’s 4/5 review, “they have raised the bar yet again.” We’ve already heard a single from the first record, and after numerous listens, “Heartstrings Shattering” has quickly become one of my favorite songs of the year. How about the second “more melodic” record? Listen to more of the band’s brilliance in the new “Pray For The Winds To Come” single today! Incredible stuff right?!? Be sure to pre-order the triple album today! Swallow The Sun have created a masterpiece people, and it’s a MUST HAVE for 2015!

“Songs From The North I” track listing:

01. With You Came The Whole Of The World’s Tears
02. 10 Silver Bullets
03. Rooms And Shadows
04. Heartstrings Shattering
05. Silhouettes
06. The Memory Of Light
07. Lost & Catatonic
08. From Happiness To Dust

“Songs From The North II” track listing:

01. The Womb Of Winter
02. The Heart Of A Cold White Land
03. Away
04. Pray For The Winds To Come
05. Songs From The North
06. 66°50 ‘N, 28°40 ‘E
07. Autumn Fire
08. Before The Summer Dies

“Songs From The North III” track listing:

01. The Gathering Of Black Moths
02. 7 Hours Late
03. Empires Of Loneliness
04. Abandoned By The Light
05. The Clouds Prepare For Battle


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