The word superstition brings to mind childhood tales of misfortune that would await you if you broke the rules. In this case, the New Mexican death/thrash metal band Superstition break sonic barrier rules with their latest release, Surging Throng of Evil’s Might.

“Death’s Fuming Passage” introduces this onslaught with raw-throated bellows surfacing from the murky depths and further punctuated by thunderous crashing drums and full-speed, aggressive riffs. Although the sound production could be improved, Surging Throng of Evil’s Might proves to be a sinister listen from start to finish. It’s a hellish combination of cruel, demon-infested vocals, along with percussive bombardment and frenzied fretwork, all supplied with suitably possessed delivery.

Tweak the rawness just a bit, and this would be a minefield.

Superstition‘s Surging Throng of Evil’s Might is out May 11 on 20 Buck Spin. Buy it here!


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