I am starting to get the impression that it’s the cold, brutal environment of a band’s home that makes them turn to black/death metal as their genre of choice. Whether it’s Scandinavia or Michigan, if you spend the majority of the year living in brutal arctic cold conditions, you turn out bleak aggressive music. This is what I attribute the debut album from Sunlight’s Bane to, and it is entitled The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried.

From the opening track, “Praise the Venom Shield,” through the closer, “To Whom I Await,” this record rips you a new asshole from beginning to end. The drums rip you apart like a gatling gun of sound while the vocals are simply the equivalency of a jigsaw shredding your ears. These boys have honed their chops and may be one of the best death metal bands coming out of ‘Murica today.

I can easily say that Sunlight’s Bane has impressed me to no end. And, with this initial release, they show that the future is wide open for them.

The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried is out February 17 on Innerstrength Records. Pre-order it here! 


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