Summoning: “With Doom We Come” Album Review


Summoning: “With Doom We Come” Album Review

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien rejoice, for the patron saints of Middle Earth metal, Summoning, have released With Doom We Come, an eight-track, 65-minute opus that continues the band’s literary, black metal soundscapes.

Those familiar with Summoning’s past efforts will immediately recognize the multi-layered keyboards and atmospheric style that have been present since day one. Once again, reverberating, synthesized drums and vocals lend a dream-like, ethereal quality, establishing the formula that fans have come to expect. Production-wise, With Doom We Come is flat. There is no low end, and the vocals are buried so low in the mix that they are hard to discern.

This album is not an easy listen, and isn’t one for new fans trying to understand SummoningWith Doom We Come is for the diehards only.

With Doom We Come is out January 5 on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

Summoning - Promo - 2017